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Coaching is enjoyable when I can help clients rid their lives of problems, and becomes thrilling when clients get to the level of creating magic in their lives.

I know this can happen because it is happening right now for a client with whom I have been working for about a year. When we began, she was an unemployed mother of a four year old child, who was living with her mother and had over $20,000 in debt. She was also stuck; there was no movement in her life, and she did not know where to begin beyond engaging me as her coach.

Now, a year later, she has moved into her own townhouse (free for the summer, and then all payments will accrue in an account she will receive when she leaves). She has paid down over $10,000 of her indebtedness. She's had a one woman art show, and has been teaching part-time at an area college, a position that this year will become a 3/4 time position and will include benefits.

How did she do this?

Vision, clarity, intention, attention, desire, action and perseverance and she worked with me as her coach!

What I would like you to know about me as a coach is I love coaching! I tell people I have the greatest job in the world helping my clients make their dreams come true. Who can imagine a better way to make a living.

My clients come from a variety of walks of life including:

  1. Creative people in the process of organizing the physical level so that they can be free to tap into their inspiration and create (without worry about having their physical needs provided for).
  2. Doctoral students who desire additional structure in moving through their doctoral studies and writing their dissertations.
  3. Doctors, nurses and health care practitioners who want to expand their practices to include holistic, alternative approaches to health care and well being
  4. People who are questioning whether they are doing their "life purpose" work and want to move in that direction.
  5. Those who are happy with the type of work they are doing but know that steps could be taken that would make their job more joyful and fulfilling.
  6. People who realize that there is more to life than the everyday reality that surrounds them, and who want to tap into that greater reality as an integral part of their lives.

The spiritual foundation of my coaching is based in Ageless Wisdom and Universal Law. Aspects of this information can be found in religions and philosophies across time and around the world. These are TRUTHs that Jung would probably agree can be found in the collective unconscious.

What happens in our physical/material surroundings is the effect of some earlier cause. If we want to make lasting change, we need to work not at the level of effects, but at the causal level. Often when my clients are having problems in life, I ask them to look inward to find/create a solution, not to the outer (where they would only be changing effects). A wonderful quote comes to mind that helps to illustrate this principle:

    "Sow a thought, reap a word.
    Sow a word, reap an action.
    Sow an action, reap a habit.
    Sow a habit, reap a character.
    Sow a character, reap a destiny."

        Author Unknown

If you would like to learn more about coaching, ask yourself these questions.

If you feel attracted to the kind of coaching I do please call (919) 803-3742 for a complimentary session or send an e-mail to


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