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You Can Benefit

If you…

  • Want/need more attention than your doctor has the bandwidth to provide
  • Need “outside the box” approach to support your healing
  • Desire guidance on the Mind-Body-Spirit aspects of healing
  • Want to recreate your life as a result of your illness or a near-death experience
  • Have no built-in support system
  • Are feeling overly pessimistic
  • May have a strong psychogenic component to your illness

Five-fold Approach

    1. Education
      A. Learn the mind-body-spirit healing connection
      B. Understand your role as a partner on your healing team
    2. Change Learned Helplessness to Learned Optimism
      A. Transform mind-talk from pessimistic to optimistic
      B. Strengthen immune system through altering emotional responses
    3. Tap into the power of the mind to aid healing
      A. Change focus from illness to health
      B. Engage the power of thinking positively
      C. Effectively use affirmations
    4. Reduce/manage stress
      A. Meditation
      B. Relaxation techniques
    5. Empowerment through coaching
      A. Set and achieve, goals based on your desires & intentions
      B. Establish health enhancing habits
      C. Remove blocks hindering success
      D. Eliminate self-defeating behaviors

What You Can Achieve

    1. Physiological relaxation
    2. Stress reduction
    3. Pain reduction & relief
    4. Modulation of mood
    5. Stimulation of immune responses
    6. Improved toleration of difficult procedures
    7. Encouragement for active participation in your own care
    8. Self-empowerment
    9. Discovering meaning/ insight into illness
    10. Enhanced self-awareness

Learning MindBody Skills helps

… to maximize health and happiness using techniques of self-care, and
… to increase knowledge and awareness in order to make better life-style choices.

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