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Testimonials from some of my clients

"I highly recommend Dr. Kathi Ann Middendorf's coaching. She provides an amazing blend of highly trained skills, intuition, skillful counseling, practical advice, compassion and question-directed guidance. She is very respectful of each person's unique needs, emotions and dreams. Her work is both specifically practical and globally far-sighted."

DSG, Spiritual Teacher,
Carrboro, NC

"I hired Dr. Kathi Ann Middendorf to build my Personal Coaching business, because I liked where her heart was coming from. The coaching was compassionate and kept me in action. One of the most valuable pieces of the coaching was that she kept me focused on what I need to do first, and how to move the larger vision I have for my business forward."

MB, Personal Coach,
Raleigh, NC

"Kathi is a very captivating speaker who identifies and relates to her audience. She gave us some specific steps we can take to reach our goals and develop our potential through focusing on our personal foundation... a thought provoking and relevant presentation!"

JM, Chairperson,
The Wake County Women Business Owners' Network

I'm so glad I have you as a "behind the scenes" partner. Enrolling you as my coach is definitely one of the wisest steps I've taken in my journey toward creating a new life. Your coaching has empowered and inspired me when I was in low gear or stalled on my own. THANK YOU!!!"

EH, Morganton, NC

"Thanks you for your genuine support and gentle reminders as I proceed on my Life Path. One of my Big Challenges has been to trust that another person truly wants what's for my good & happiness without a personal string attached. I feel you can do this and its an opportunity to "test" my trust
skills (within and without). I appreciate you keeping me in the present without sending messages of "I'm stupid or inept." Helping someone get strong from the inside out is a lovely way to serve."

SG, Raleigh, NC

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